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Member Event | World Mental Health Day

17 October @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Relax Your Mind Playfully at Prototype

早鸟优惠 | 用60分钟,给自己的心放个小假

强压力下的工作,快节奏的生活,你有多长时间没有关注到自己的内心了?10月17日晚上7点来众·社放松你紧绷的神经,聆听Bearapy小熊创意法创始人Enoch Li如何用玩乐的方式管理日常压力,用60分钟回归身心,给自己放个假。

We use our brain everyday, making decisions, strategizing, planning, hinking… both for work and in personal lives. Sometimes the mind gets a bit tired too, dealing with challenges and pressures around us – so how can we protect it and make sure our minds are healthy and we are mentally well? On October 17 at 7 pm. Come to Prototype to join Bearapy’s Founder, Enoch Li, to discover the importance of relax your mind playfully. 


今天是世界精神卫生日。借此契机,“小熊创意法”的创始人 Enoch Li将在10月17日,用60分钟时间,在轻松愉悦的环境中引导大家去发现压力的来源,了解身体健康和心灵健康之间的关系,找到内心深处真正的快乐。


As today is World Mental Health day, Prototype invites Bearapy’s Founder Enoch Li on October 17, leading you to a discussion on how our brain works under high pressure, exploring the connections between physical health, mental wellness and emotional awareness.

我们将谈到 Let’s talk about



Explore playful ways to build our mental resilience



Talk about how our brain works in times of stress



Discuss the connections between physical health, mental wellbeing and emotional awareness



Discover our inner playfulness for relaxation




The more we get to know ourselves better, the more we can find appropriate ways to take care of ourselves against the hustle and bustle of Beijing city life. For the event we also provide some small bites of vegetable sticks, nachos to snack on, plus some drinks like wine and beer to relax your mind.

活动流程 Timeline


7:00-7:15 热身游戏

7:00-7:15  Warm-up Game


7:15-8:00 活动时光

7:15-8:00  Bearapy Activity


8:00-8:30 小组讨论

8:00-8:30  Networking



The event will be in English.





RMB 60/person, early bird RMB 40 only, reserve your seat now from Hotel Jen Beijing WeChat Mall now!

购票链接 Purchase Link http://assist.iwide.cn/a544515384/jmart/item/detail?item_type=1&pid=128307



Relax your mind at Prototype


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010-8647 1033



17 October
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Hotel Jen
1 Jianguomen Outer St, Jian Wai Da Jie, Chaoyang Qu
Beijing, 1000004 China