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Member Event | Endless Summer Offers at EAST, Beijing

08-08-18 - 09-30-18

Endless Summer Offers at EAST, Beijing | 盛夏,相遇北京东隅

(Beijing, 8 August, 2018) – This summer EAST, Beijing has arranged an assortment of delicious offers across its various food outlets for guests to escape the heat and retreat from the hustle and bustle of the capital. From luxurious champagne afternoon teas in Domain, to healthy weekend brunches in Feast (Food by EAST) and the freshest sushi rolls and sashimi in Hagaki, there is something for everyone.

(北京,201888) – 今夏,北京东隅3家餐厅为食客准备了各式佳肴美馔,让你躲避炎炎夏日的酷暑难耐,共度清凉盛夏时光。从Domain 的魅惑香槟下午茶,到Feast (Food by EAST) 的周末健康早午餐,以及Hagaki叶书 新鲜的寿司卷及刺身,北京东隅总有一款美味能满足您的味蕾。


Samurai Summers in Hagaki | Hagaki叶书 日式盛夏美食体验

Hagaki, the fast and casual Californian-inspired Japanese eatery offers menus for any occasion, whether it’s for a business lunch or a relaxing all-you-can-eat weekend supper.

Guests can sample Hagaki’s signature star rolls for only RMB1 with the purchase of any main. When guests purchase a bottle of the Kotsuzumi Rojoh-Ari Momo Junmai Daiginjo saké for the special price of RMB728*, the food bill will be sliced in half. This season there has never been a better time to enjoy Hagaki’s bento set lunches starting from RMB68* per set, or eat like a sumo with the all-you-can-eat evening menu from RMB298* per person. Hagaki also has a Sumo Loyalty Card whereby once six bento box sets or all-you-can-eat menus are consumed, the seventh is complimentary.

Toast to the end of the week with the all new Yakitori Friday menu with half price Kirin draft beer and carafes of house saké and delicious grilled skewers of marinated chicken, sea bass, beef, unagi eel and assorted vegetables from RMB38* each (minimum order of three). The Yakitori Friday menu is also available in Xian, EAST, Beijing’s dynamic bar and live music venue.

Hagaki is located on the 1/F, open daily from 11:30am to 2:30pm and 5:30pm to 10:00pm. For reservations please call +8610 8414 9815 or email hagaki@east-beijing.com.

Hagaki叶书,一家专门烹制加州风味的日式美食餐厅,无论是工作日的午间定食亦或是超值的零点式自助,Hagaki叶书 都能带领您的味蕾畅游日本。

今夏,食客于Hagaki叶书 消费任意主菜,即可用人民币1*品尝到明星寿司卷拼盘。清酒与寿司一向是绝美的搭配。小鼓路上有花纯米大吟酿每瓶仅售人民币728元*。整瓶购买,可享受全场寿司半价优惠。更有叶书餐厅人民币78元*起的超值午间定食以及人民币298元*起的零点式自助晚餐,等你来品尝!同时,Hagaki叶书 推出Sumo会员奖赏卡。以正价消费6次午间定食或零点式自助,第7次将由餐厅为你买单。

想消除一周工作的疲劳,好好展开舒适的周末时光?Hagkai叶书 全新推出的周五日式串烧夜除了有麒麟啤酒及指定款清酒半价优惠外,还有照烧鸡肉串、鲈鱼、牛肉、鳗鱼以及什锦蔬菜等等,每串人民币38元*起(最低消费3串),每款都各有特色!日式串烧同时也在Xian仙酒吧 供应。

Hagaki叶书 位于酒店一层,每日上午11时30分至下午2时30分及下午5时30分至晚上10时营业。如需预订,可致电+8610 8414 9815或发送邮件至hagaki@east-beijing.com




Healthy Weekend Brunch in Feast (Food by EAST)Feast (Food by EAST) 健康早午餐

Each weekend this September, the bustling café Feast (Food by EAST) will be offering guilt free dining options within its signature semi-buffet weekend brunch menu. The chefs will be stocking the semi-buffet with a new range of healthy living inspired dishes, soups, salads and unique sides. Guests can tuck into a different assortment of organic fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood and premium meat tailored to maximise flavour and nutrition. Enjoy dishes like Asparagus Caesar Salad with Sheep’s Milk Yogurt Dressing, Chickpea Patties with Cherry Tomato and Cucumber Salad and Oven Roasted Ratatouille with Almond Gremolata. Live well and feel great at Feast (Food by EAST).

The Healthy Weekend Brunch is available on Saturdays and Sundays, from 11:30am – 3:00pm, during the whole month of September, priced at RMB298* per person. Children 6 and under eat for free, children 7 to 12 will enjoy a 50% discount.

Feast (Food by EAST) is located on the 2/F, for reservations please call +8610 8414 9820 or email feast@east-beijing.com.

这个九月,屡获殊荣的Feast (Food by EAST) 将为周末半自助早午餐注入清爽元素。为您带来更新鲜、更健康的饮食体验。期间特备有有机蔬菜沙拉吧,如芦笋凯撒沙拉配酸羊乳酪汁、鹰嘴豆饼配樱桃番茄和黄瓜沙拉以及烤意大利烩菜配香草杏仁等,让您过一个营养又健康的周末时光。健康生活,尽在Feast (Food by EAST)


Feast (Food by EAST) 位于酒店二层,如需预订,可致电+8610 8414 9820或发送邮件至feast@east-beijing.com


EAST Bubbly Afternoon Tea in DomainDomain 双人魅惑香槟下午茶

Domain is offering a deluxe champagne afternoon tea specially prepared with a delectable assortment of sweet and savoury treats to pair perfectly with the refined notes of apple and light acidy of premium G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon Champagne. Indulge in sweet treats like Mini Crème Brûlée and Domain’s famous Mini Red Velvet Cup Cake as well as savoury Tuna Tartar with Tobikko and Mushroom and Herb Cheese Tarts with Crispy Quinoa.

The Bubbly Afternoon Tea is available daily from 12:00pm to 6:00pm for RMB428* for two including two glasses of Mumm Champagne and coffee or tea, or RMB828* for two people including one bottle of Mumm Champagne and coffee or tea.

Domain is located on the 2/F, open daily from 7:00am to 8:00pm. For reservations please call +8610 8414 9830 or email domain@east-beijing.com.

*All prices quoted above are inclusive of 6% VAT and 10% service charge.

Domain 今夏为食客准备了豪华香槟下午茶,搭配多款精美甜品以及玛姆红带特级干型香槟,带你度过一段优雅的午后时光。细品迷你法式焦糖布丁、Domain域著名的红丝绒蛋糕等甜品,以及可口的金枪鱼塔塔飞鱼籽玉米片香草蘑菇挞配脆藜麦


Domain域位于酒店二层。如需预订,可致电+8610 8414 9830或发送邮件至domain@east-beijing.com





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