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AustCham Beijing’s CEO and Executive Director Published in the Australian

C.E.O Nick Coyle has published an article in the Australian on the 27th of May. Titled “The big Beijing window of opportunity won’t last forever,” the article discusses how three years on from the China Australia Free Trade agreement, Australian businesses have been able to find success of the Chinese market. Other Australian businesses wanting to achieve similar success should take advantage of the Free Trade agreement. With the new foreign policy investment laws being implemented in China, now is a great time to invest in China and build your business.

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AustCham Beijing’s Chair Vaughn Barber,  Interviewed by CGTN Global Business

On Monday March 8, AustCham Beijing’s Chair Vaughn Barber was interviewed by CGTN Global Business in a discussion of  ” Two Sessions 2019″ .

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AustCham Beijing’s CEO and Executive Director Interviewed by CGTN on China-Australia cooperation

On Monday January 13, AustCham Beijing’s CEO and Executive director Nick Coyle was interviewed on CGTN Global Business in a discussion of China-Australia cooperation brought on by the China-U.S. trade dispute. Mr. Coyle reflected on the enormous benefits brought by the China-Australia free trade agreement over the past three years, and expressed a positive outlook on future Australia-China trade relations amid the complicated global economy.

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Doing Business in China Report 2017 in the Chinese Media 

On the 19th of March local Chinese media outlets The Global Times, APD, TouTiao头条, 东亚财经 and 澎湃’The Paper’ released their take on AustCham’s Doing Business in China Report 2017. All commented positively on how the Australia-China commercial relationship continues to strengthen.

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Austcham Beijing’s CEO and Executive Director interviewed and quoted on CGTN 

On Thursday, March 15th, Nick Coyle the CEO and Executive Director of AustCham Beijing, was interviewed on CGTN in a  discussion about how China is retaining top talent. The interview was later summarised in an article and posted on CGTN news the same day. In the interview Mr Coyle touched on the difficulties faced by international talents that want to work in China,  specifically mentioning the “requirement of two years’ work experience of the jobs they are looking for”, and the lack of a proper visa for foreign interns as being the main barriers for foreigners.

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China-Australian Chamber of Commerce head on opportunity in China

On Thursday, March 15th, CEO and Executive Director of AustCham Beijing, Nick Coyle spoke live on CNBC highlighting the optimistic findings from the Doing Business in China Report – a collaborative effort from AustCham Beijing, KPMG and the University of Melbourne. In the interview Mr Coyle discussed the likely increase in investment from Australian business, as well as the additional upcoming opportunities created by China’s growing middle class and the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). Click here to watch the full interview.

CEO and Executive Director interviewed by CNBC’s Martin Soong

On Friday July 14th, CEO and Executive Director of AustCham Beijing, Nick Coyle spoke live to Martin Soong on CNBC regarding the opportunities for Australian business in Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) projects. In the interview Mr Coyle highlighted that Australian businesses with specialist technology, contracting and design services can work with Chinese firms on BRI projects. Mr. Coyle is in Singapore to speak at the 8th FutureChina Global Forum 2017. Click here to watch the full interview.

CEO and Executive Director interviewed by Bloomberg’s Haidi Lun

On Wednesday March 22nd, CEO and Executive Director of AustCham Beijing, Nick Coyle spoke to Haidi Lun and Rashaad Salamat on the China-Australia relationship and the recent visit of Premier Li Keqiang to Australia. The interview highlighted some of the key things that Premier Li hopes to achieve from his trip as well as it’s implications for Australian trade and investment. Click here to watch the full interview.

AustCham Beijing’s Chair quoted in The Australian

On Tuesday the 5th September, Tracy Colgan, AustCham Beijing’s Chair, was quoted in The Australian warning of the serious long-term implications that losing the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement would have on the Australian economy.

Specifically, she highlighted the risk of Australia being, “… locked out of the upside of China’s restructuring,”  and “If ratification of the agreement is delayed in the Senate, then we will be putting out economic future at stake.”

Tracy pointed out that much of the current debate is detracting from the core benefits of the agreement, and that “suggestions of delays is already causing confusion here among government and business as to Australia’s intention.”

AustCham Beijing’s Tom Luckock Interviewed on CCTV 

On Thursday the 13th August, Tom Luckock, AustCham Beijing’s Secretary and a Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright, was interviewed on CCTV regarding the Strategic Economic Dialogue between China and Australia held in Canberra.

Tom highlighted the difficulties present around implementing the Australia and China FTA, but emphasised the importance of the dialogue in addressing potential problems within the agreement and ensuring issues were alleviated prior to implementation.

The interview also outlined the exciting opportunities arising from the One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR) particularly in regards to stimulating demand for Australian iron ore and minerals, as well as the opportunity for Chinese and Australian companies to combine their expertise and conduct projects within the OBOR region.

Additionally, the interview described the opportunities presented by recent government initiatives to develop Northern Australia and the heightened ability that would be available to develop large infrastructure projects within the region.

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AustCham Beijing’s GM interviewed on ABC Newcastle Local Radio

AustCham Beijing’s GM, Nick Coyle was interviewed by Aaron Kearney on 1233 ABC Newcastle Radio speaking about China’s far-reaching impact on the Australian economy.

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AustCham Beijing’s Tom Luckock Interviewed by CCTV on the AIIB

AustCham Beijing’s Secretary, Tom Luckock, was recently interviewed on CCTV News Hour, regarding AustCham Beijing’s support for Australia signing up to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as a founding member.

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AustCham Beijing Chair Tracy Colgan’s ChAFTA Interview on CCTV

AustCham Beijing Chair, Tracy Colgan was featured on CCTV’s Global Business, confirming the benefits for both Chinese and Australian businesses.

Whilst congratulating both the Chinese and Australian governments for their significant achievement, Tracy added that, “today the hard work begins. We need to focus on how we best establish connections between our stakeholders, partners and members. ChAFTA provides a platform for both Chinese and Australian businesses to establish greater connectivity. The challenge ahead is to best understand how to leverage these opportunities and thrive.”

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AustCham Beijing Deputy Chair Vaughn Barber Interviewed on CCTV

On Thursday the 10th September, AustCham Beijing Deputy Chair, Vaughn Barber was interviewed on CCTV News regarding the recent World Economic Forum held in Dalian, North East China. Vaughn outlined various key take-away points from a speech by Chinese Premier Li, including growth sectors and opportunities. Importantly, Vaughn highlighted that China is truly open for business, with continued foreign investment welcomed and Chinese outbound investment set to continue growing at a fast pace. Notably this investment is including more Chinese companies investing in more countries across the globe, in more sectors.

Another important take-away point was the emphasis placed on cooperation and collaboration between MNCs by Premier Li, with particular regard to the One Belt One Road initiative with the end goal of increased market access to both existing, and new, global markets.

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AustCham Beijing GM Featured on CCTV

AustCham Beijing General Manager, Nick Coyle, was recently interviewed in the studio of CCTV News Global Business regarding new growth points in China-Aussie business ties. Click here to watch the full interview.

AustCham & Group of Eight’s ‘Auzhouhaigui’ recruiting platform Featured in the Media

Aozhouhaigui is a platform that connects students from Australia’s Go8 Universities to potential employers of well established companies in China. AustCham Beijing and CCOIC match the students to the relevant firms operating in China from their membership base. The recruiting platform connects the brightest of students to successful companies. To sign up as a student or register as a company, please follow the link.