Emily Dunn

Government Relations Manager
Swisse, H&H Group

Emily specialises in corporate affairs and has worked on China-related projects for 10 years, since
first reporting for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games’ news service. Emily’s current role focuses on
corporate affairs and strategy for Swisse’s growth in China, South Korea and emerging export
markets. Prior to joining Swisse, she worked in government, marketing, media and communications.
Emily has an MBA from Peking University exchanging at Cornell, studied Chinese at Nanjing
University and initially trained as a journalist with Seven News.

Swisse, headquartered in Melbourne, is the China e-commerce market leader for vitamins and
supplements, and was named the most popular imported consumer goods brand in China by TMall
Global during the ‘Double 11’ festival last year. Swisse products are also available in more than
12,600 China retail stores, including a Swisse flagship in Shanghai. Swisse joined H&H Group’s
portfolio of international premium health and wellness brands, including Biostime, Dodie and
Healthy Times, in 2017. H&H Group is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Phone: +86 157 0120 2467
Email: emily.dunn@hh.global
WeChat: emdunn